Huntington Beach, California


School Year Group Locations:

  • General Therapy Group (5:30 to 7:30pm on Wednesdays) at the Huntington Beach Central Library at 7111 Talbert Ave., Huntington Beach, CA 92648
  • Rock Climbing Therapy Group (cancelled temporarily due to ClimbX closing)

Summer Camp Location:

  • Huntington Beach Central Library
    7111 Talbert Ave.
    Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Summer 2017: 6/26 - 8/10 (Huntington Beach Public Library)

  • 3 weeks of regular camp: $2250
  • 4 weeks of regular camp: $2950
  • 5 weeks of regular camp: $3625
  • 6 weeks of regular camp: $4275
  • 7 weeks of regular camp: $4875
  • New Camper Fee: $140
  • Food and Lodging Fee (Big Bear Residential Week Only): $275

School Year 2016-2017

  • Fall Group: September 21 to December 7
  • Winter Group: January 4 to March 8
  • Spring Group: March 15 to May 31

Discounts for 2017

  • Sibling Discount of 5%
  • Multi-session discount
  • An early registration discount of $200 off is available for signups prior to April 15, 2017

After School Program

Ten-week afternoon therapeutic groups are designed to provide therapy by specifically targeting individualized goals for our campers. A minimum of one hour includes therapeutic activities that heavily target the development of social skills, emotion regulation, and positive behaviors, while the next hour focuses on further skill development by providing a variety of experiential activities as part of a group to create opportunities to observe the child in a natural setting and intervene to facilitate change. Some quarters provide a special emphasis to improve skills, while other quarters have a more general offering based on the campers' interests and often include programming in areas such as video game making, drama, art, movie making, etc.

  • Single Session Fee: $900
  • Two Sessions: $1700
  • Three Sessions: $2400
  • New Camper Fee: $140

Additional Camp Details Specific to Quest Therapeutic Camps of Southern California

To compliment the Quest Therapeutic Model, Quest campers receive occupational therapy services by participating in a weekly group facilitated by an occupational therapist in addition to participating daily in a sensory diet specifically designed for our campers in our summer program. An education component about the importance of good health through appropriate exercise and nutrition is also included into programming. Quest is a soda and candy free zone in which campers earn extra rewards for making good nutritional choices. Also a nutritionist has provided consultation to assist with planning healthy snacks for campers.

Sports such as rock climbing and soccer, games, arts & crafts, activities, library time, free play, singing and “Fabulous Fridays” entertain while providing learning experiences at camp. Soccer is played in the soccer arena at the Huntington Beach Sports Complex. Field trips include Boomers, Bowling, Rockin' Jump Trampoline Park, an experiential high-ropes course, and beach days. Camp culminates in a 3 night/4 day residential week in San Juan Capistrano.

Theme Weeks

Each week of camp we offer specific themes to infuse the camp experience with fun additional opportunities for growth. This year's themes include: fictional characters week, video game making week, movie making week, Olympic week, future week, adventure week, and a San Juan Capistrano residential week. The San Juan Capistrano Residential Week includes is a 3 night/4 day camp experience with special water based activities. New Quest campers are eligible for the Residential Week if they have already completed a minimum of 3 weeks of camp and have demonstrated behavior that is consistent with success experiences in more challenging field trips. Some return campers can have this week be included in their 3 weeks at Quest on a case-by-case basis. The San Juan Capistrano week includes therapeutic groups and interventions similar to those in the other weeks of camp.

Staff Application

To apply you need to complete both the staff application and the staff waiver. Please click here.



  • Jodie Knott, Ph.D.

    Huntington Beach, California

    Dr. Jodie Knott is a licensed clinical psychologist whose specialties include psychological assessments for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, mood disorders as well as child and family therapy.

    Dr. Knott has facilitated therapeutic and experiential learning interventions since 2000 and is committed to providing culturally sensitive services that are collaborative in nature. She has provided services to children and adults of all ages and has worked in a variety of settings including university counseling centers (providing services to students, adults, and children and their families), hospital services (inpatient and outpatient), county services (juvenile justice, foster care and day treatment), and private practice.

    Dr. Knott’s professional training includes a B.S. in Psychology from the University of California, San Diego, and both a Masters in Counseling Family Human Services and a Ph.D. in Counseling from the University of Oregon.