Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Summer 2018: 6/18 - 8/3 at Community Day School, Pittsburgh, PA

Eligible as an Extended School Year Program through the Allegheny Intermediate Unit and other districts!

  • 3 Weeks.......$2250.00
  • 4 Weeks.......$2950.00
  • 5 Weeks.......$3625.00
  • 6 Weeks.......$4275.00
  • 7 Weeks.......$4925.00
  • New Camper Screening Fee: $140

Quest Therapeutic Camp of Pittsburgh offers summer and Afterschool programs in association with Squirrel Hill Psychological Services.

The 7-week summer program is located at the Community Day School in Squirrel Hill. April Artz, a licensed therapist experienced at working with children and teens, directs the program. Campers receive individualized goals with constant intervention throughout the camp day. While we do have sports as an important part of the program, we have found that by instructing and supporting specific skill development, campers not only participate but enjoy these and all of the other activities during the Quest day. Daily group therapy provides specific skills and assists resolution of problems as they occur. Counselor staff include upper division undergraduate and graduate students.

Insurance may cover aspects of the therapeutic program such as the behavioral milieu and the group therapy (Procedure Code- 90853). Quest is also qualified as an Extended School Year program.

For further information, contact Quest administrative offices at 800-313-9733

Afterschool Program


905 Miffllin Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Neighborhood: Regent Square

Effective as an independent group therapy program, the Afterschool program also offers an opportunity for summer campers to continue progress throughout the school year. Quest Afterschool meets once a week in the East End neighborhood of Pittsburgh. With the strains of homework and other activities, Quest provides a time for children to learn the critical skills associated with emotional and social intelligence.

Using the Quest summer model, the program provides an activity hour to work with the participants within a naturalistic environment and an hour of group therapy to focus on individual goals, social and emotional skill development and group dynamics. Children are grouped by age and ability.

Afterschool participants actively work on individualized goals while at the program and at home. Parents and staff provide points for progress made towards these goals. Participants then cash these points in to buy items at the Quest "store".

A fieldtrip is offered once every ten weeks. Evening parent group meetings occur every five weeks with therapists. Parents receive both written and verbal feedback about their child and effective techniques.

The Afterschool program and Summer Camp are directed by Aprilynn Artz, MS, LPC, NCC. She can be reached via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 412-877-7528.

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