The Quest System

Every Quest Camp:

  • Uses the successful Quest Camp Therapeutic System developed by Dr. Field and refined during the over 20 years that Quest Camp has existed. This system has been proven to significantly reduce the global impairment of the treated campers’ psychological disabilities.

  • Is a fun and active camp environment: Campers receive sport instruction and participate physical activities, art, and games that help campers properly socialize and assimilate with their peers at school.

  • Is led by Professional Staff made up of licensed child therapists and/or psychologists. Quest Therapeutic Camps have least one Professional Staff member for every 24 campers.

  • Has a 6:1 camper to counselor ratio. Quest counselors are, at the minimum, college students who have experience working with children and often are working to earn degrees in psychology and child development.

  • Encourages neuro-cognitive skill building and a cognitive-behavioral therapeutic milieu via hourly individual assessment and feedback for each camper.

  • Provides four hours of structured small-group therapy per week.

  • Integrates parents into the therapeutic program by including home goals and points. Parents also participate in parent meetings, receive detailed camper assessments, and have access to an online therapeutic program.